Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carrot of death!

This weekend Kyle was really craving Mexican food, so when he got home from work, Kirstie, Kyle and I went to the taco bus, it was a Mexican restaurant made out of an actual bus! Kirstie and I got taco's and Kyle got a burrito, we brought them back to Kirsties house to eat so Bill could have some too. I saw that mine came with a carrot slice and I thought it was kind of random, but also made me happy because I love carrots. So I stuck the slice into my mouth, and started to chew, about half way through, I realized it was really, really, really spicy! I started freaking out, not knowing whether to spit it out or try to swallow, everyone was like what'd you do?! And I said I had eaten the carrot and it was really really hot...Kirstie told me to spit it out in the sink, which I finally did...aparantly it was a pickled carrot and very common with authentic Mexican food. Everyone started laughing, and all I could say was woops! hehe. I know now to not eat the carrots that come with tacos from the taco bus!


  1. I think the funniest part is the fact you panicked and didn't know what to do, so you just stood there with the hot carrot in your mouth. Good times!

  2. I am going to steal a couple of your songs for my blog! =0

  3. Oh Alysa! I love those carrots! I can picture your face. :D I'm sorry you didn't know about them though. I know how much you DON'T like hot things.