Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Angel puppy or...?

So today little miss Aurora pulled me down the stairs outside, she snuck behind and then pulled her way down I grabbed the railing but she was too strong and ended up spinning me around making me fall down the last 4-5 stairs on my back and hitting my head really hard on the ground. I started yelling HELP! Although the first couple times it came out a gargled mess lol. The neighbors came running out, and asked if I was okay, I said I don't know, and at that moment realized I was seeing double, which freaked me out I tried shutting my eyes and opening them several times to no avail. They helped me into their apt, and asked if there was anyone they could call I told them Kyle's number (good sign I remembered =]) then they helped me upstairs and I waited for Kyle to get home, once home he checked my pupils and put a bag of veggies on my head and the swelling went down within 20 min =]
No concussion AGAIN! WoOt!!! I must have a hard head =D