Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New adventures in this crazy thing we call life =]

So as most of you know Kyle and I have been looking around for a house to buy we found one that we thought would be perfect for us, but alas it got scooped up before we could even look at it! Oh well, it got us looking at townhomes, more so because its just less upkeep and they are newer! Waaay newer than any of the houses we were looking at, not to mention we can rent it out after we leave.

Kyle is going back to school!!! He decided on what he wants to do...be a lawyer. He was hoping to start school in the fall, but decided a month too late, he missed the ACT deadline by a little bit =[ But that's okay he's all signed up for the one September 9th =] So he'll be applying for the winter semester!! WoOt!! WoOt!!

FINALLY things are starting align. When Kyle goes to school he can lessen his hours at best buy and focus more on school. We won't have to keep him having full time hours so we can have insurance, because the school now offers prescription coverage, which was one of our big hang ups, because my medicine is just a tad expensive without insurance ($1000 for a month's worth)

So all in all things are finally starting to look up =]