Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One year

It has been one year today (or a year and a day by the time I post this) since, the world lost a great person. I cannot believe that it has been a year since Spence gained his wings and was able to breathe easy once again. I feel lucky to have known him, he taught me to be positive even when I thought my world was crumbling around me, he was always so happy and cheerful and could cheer the saddest person up.  He always knew how to make me smile and laugh.
He introduced me to They Might Be Giants, which is the silliest of bands and will put a smile on your face if you are feeling down.
He also introduced me to the Ender's Game series, which he told me to read and said I would love it for sure, I was very skeptical at first as this was the cover:

Which at the time space stuff really wasn't my thing, still really isn't, I remember laughing out loud in the library, and thinking to myself "really Spence? you think I would like this??" and I put it back on the shelf for a moment, then decided well if he recommended it really can't be that bad, and gave it a chance.  Turns out, I loved it, and it turned into one of my favorite books...and now it's going to be a movie!

So here's to you Spence, I love you and miss you buddy, until we meet again.
P.S. Where do they make balloons?? ;-)