Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So it's now 3:25am and I have done almost nothing on my qualitative poster, that is due, at 11:30 am later today. Usually when I procrastinate up to the night before things are due, my get to work! bug gets me going...not this time... I am having such a hard time this semester... And at first I couldn't figure it out... but now I've got it. I am getting burned out at school, yes that was obvious, but why? I am getting sick of classes that won't apply to anything I want to do, like my research methods class...I hate research, I don't intend to do my own research... ever. So I don't see the point in this class, yet it is required. My child development class, is repetitive...I have learned all of the material in it before... so I'm having a hard time doing anything in that class..
I don't know what to do...I am just so tired of all the repetitiveness, and classes required that I will not use...I am a hands on learner, I take in almost nothing from reading text books, and busy work just frustrates me...I know I just need to suck it up and do my work, and finish school, I am really close to finishing...I hope, but I don't know if I can any more, bleh...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kyle the chef!

So this week kyle made dinner twice! They were both amaaaaazing. First night he made teriaki steak, with rice and potatoes! I would have never put those in combination with eachother, but oh my goodness so delicious!
Then last night kyle made chicken curry, which I had never had before (I don't think anyways lol), I loved it!! probably one of my new favorite meals. We had the mild one this time, next time we are going to try the medium!! I'm glad I've been trying new things, its opened my taste buds up to a whole new experience! haha
(a picture of the curry will be coming soon)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beef Stew!

I made beef stew on Tuesday night, I was doing really well and almost done with it, I added the last veggies and let it cook for the last 10 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself for making it, I managed to cut the carrots, meat, and potatoes without cutting myself! So I went and sat down on the couch with Kyle while waiting for it to finish...That was my mistake, about 5 minutes later, Kyle said "what's that smell?" we stood up and looked in the kitchen, the pot was smoking! And my initial reaction was "oh no! I burnt the stew!" I was so upset because I had done everything right up until the end, I forgot to turn down the temperature to low. So I decided to see if everything was burnt or if it was just the bottom...and to my delight it was just the bottom, only a little bit was unsalvageable!
It tasted delicious, well to Kyle, I made it a bit too spicy for my taste, but that was because the first time we made it, it was waaay bland, so I think next time, hopefully it'll be just right, without burning the bottom!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today, while in church I was thinking about how thankful I am to have joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What a blessing it was to be baptized by my Uncle, and be confirmed by Kyle. I am so excited to teach our future children about the gospel, and the importance of the temple. It makes me happy to know that our kids will grow up with this church in their lives, and have family prayer, family home home evening, and going to church every Sunday together as a family. I am just SO thankful for the gospel and knowledge it has brought me in my life. I have only been a member for just over a year and a half, but since getting baptized I can almost not remember not being apart of this church. I love it so much! I can never convey how thankful I am to have found the truth.
In writing this entry it has made me think of other things I am thankful for...
~Kyle, and all of his love and support, being an amazing husband, and a great person, I love him so much, I am so thankful for being sealed to him in the temple, and knowing that we truly will be together forever.
~My mom, if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be alive, all of her support and telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be while growing up. I wouldn't be the person I am today with out her
~My dad, even though I didn't get to be with him very much growing up, the time we have spent together.
~Alex, he is just one amazing little brother
~Corynne, Megan, and Joshua, for being great siblings, even though we didn't get along all the time, they taught me so much.
~And my family as a whole, I love them so much!
~Kyle's parents, they are such amazing people and all their help this past year
~Kirstie and Bill, and all that they do for us
~my nieces and nephew, for being all around awesome, and fun to be with
~Life, oh it is good to be alive!
~having family and friends, who I know will always be there
~having a home and food, and a bed to sleep on
~having clothes
~for school
~having pictures of the many memories I have in my life
~having a camera so I can take more pictures
~having electricity and appliances
~having a laptop
~having a tv
~having numerous books to read
There are just so many things I am thankful for big and small, I love my life even though we may not have a lot of money, we have a lot of love, and that truly is priceless, and worth more than any amount of money. I am SO blessed for everything I have, spiritually and physically. <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carrot of death!

This weekend Kyle was really craving Mexican food, so when he got home from work, Kirstie, Kyle and I went to the taco bus, it was a Mexican restaurant made out of an actual bus! Kirstie and I got taco's and Kyle got a burrito, we brought them back to Kirsties house to eat so Bill could have some too. I saw that mine came with a carrot slice and I thought it was kind of random, but also made me happy because I love carrots. So I stuck the slice into my mouth, and started to chew, about half way through, I realized it was really, really, really spicy! I started freaking out, not knowing whether to spit it out or try to swallow, everyone was like what'd you do?! And I said I had eaten the carrot and it was really really hot...Kirstie told me to spit it out in the sink, which I finally did...aparantly it was a pickled carrot and very common with authentic Mexican food. Everyone started laughing, and all I could say was woops! hehe. I know now to not eat the carrots that come with tacos from the taco bus!

Water bottle challenged

So I've known for some time that I am "water bottle challenged" meaning I have a really hard time opening water bottles. Recently though I have been quite proud of my self because I have been able to open up more and more of my own water bottles. But alas all good things must come to an end...this weekend I was watching my nieces and nephew, and I decided I wanted a water bottle, I tried and tried to open it, but I asked my 8 year old niece and 6 year old nephew if either of them wanted to give it a try. My nephew said enthusiastically "I can do it!" and he did without any problem lol, so I am back to being water bottle challenged...oh well lol.

Giving up on backblogging for now...

So I decided I wanna start blogging about the the next few blogs might be confusing as I might be going back and forth between the now and a couple of months ago. =D

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So our honeymoon was awesome! We didn't leave our reception til like 9:30, and we had to go all the way to Vegas...We thought we could make it, but as we were up since 6am, it had been a looong day, so we had to stop in some random place in between and sleep in the car for a couple of hours, so we didnt make it til 4am, luckily they let us have a late check out so we didn't have to leave until noon. After we checked out we went over to the Excaliber for the lunch buffet and to shop a little, we both got some sunglasses and I got a purse, afterwards we started the long drive up to park city. Our room there was amazing! It had two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room, a fireplace!

Since we were so close to Salt Lake City, we decided to do a session at the temple and meet up with my Uncle, we had the most amazing time! Afterwards my uncle asked if we would like to go out to dinner, since our original dinner plans fell through because we got out of the temple too late. We said sure, and he ended up taking us to The Roof, a very lovely restaurant on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building (across from the temple). Once up there, he talked to one of the waitresses for a couple of minutes and then came back to us and said enjoy your dinner! Gave us both hugs and left. We were really confused until the waitress came up to us and said that he had he paid for everything, including gratuity, I was in such shock, and touched by his kindness I started to cry. We were seated by a window with a beautiful view of the temple, we enjoyed a very delicious dinner buffet, and desert, along with live piano music, before heading back to Park City.

We also went horse back riding at place just outside Park City, it was awesome, our guide was a rugged, swearin', old cowboy! We went on some back country trails, that were super narrow and steep! While we were riding down a particularly steep hill and the guide told us to make sure to not let our horses run down. Everything was going fine, until suddenly my horse bucked out of nowhere and started to run down the hill, luckily I was able to slow it down before running into another horse. During all this though, I let out a horrific scream, because I thought for sure I was going to fall off and hit a tree. Which in turn scared Kyle really bad, he thought I had fallen off. Once everything had calmed down, our guide told me off for letting the horse run , and then told me that it must've been the ground bees that spooked the horse, which apparently happens often at that would have been nice to know this before starting down the hill. Oh well, lol, it makes for a good story. All in all it was a very beautiful ride, with lots of gorgeous views!

Another day we walked up and down the main street of Park City, which was nice and relaxing, we bought some shirts and a scrap book, as well as discovered the amazingness of the apple pie caramel apple! The most amazing caramel apple ever!

Also while we were in Park City we went to dinner at the Red Brick with our friends Mark and Monica who were on their way back up to Canada after their honeymoon. We ordered some delicious bbq chicken pizza, and I got some cream soda, and Kyle got some homemade on tap rootbeer, that he thought was "awesome", I wasn't a fan of the cream soda however, I thought it was gross, lol, the homemade on tap stuff was not for me...

We also discovered a Best Buy that had an underground parking garage...Kyle was very excited about this...haha.

The day before we left, we went to an Oktoberfest in Snowbird. It was Kyle's first one, I'd grown up going to different ones every year. It was lots of fun! Kyle got to try an authentic bratwurst, and we enjoyed some awesome German music! We went around to all the vendors looking for souvenirs, when we found a lovely jewelery stand, where Kyle bought me a beautiful blue necklace and earing set!
Our honeymoon was amazing we had so much fun!!! :-)
(Pictures coming soon)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Best Day of Our Lives

On August 29th Kyle and I were married in the San Diego Temple.

It was an amazing day!! But it did have a few woops! Starting in the morning, I turned off my alarm instead of pressing snooze for another five minutes and ended up sleeping an hour past when I was supposed to wake up! which had a chain reaction throughout the rest of the day! My hair actually cooperated so it didn't take as long as we were thinking to get it done, we managed to make it down to the temple only a half an hour late...Once inside I got my dress on and was all ready to go. Until my bladder decided that it had to go to bathroom while I was waiting for Kyle, so that put us back another 10-20 minutes, it's extremely hard to go to the bathroom with a giant wedding dress on lol! After that minor setback, Kyle and I were sealed for time and eternity by President Fortie, the most amazing blessing I have ever had.

This is one of our first pictures as Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield as we are coming out of the temple!

After we were sealed we left the temple, to see our awaiting family and friends. When my dad saw me, he started tearing up, and told me it wasn't fair he was crying but I wasn't, lol. After many hugs, we went to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures!
I made my daddy cry when he saw me, I love him so much!
Trying to get Kyle's boutineer on, the keyword there is trying lol.
My best friend Jessica, she flew all the way down from Idaho to be there, she is so awesome!! Thank you so much for being there!
Family and friends.
Wedding party.
Kyle and Ben.
Jess and I singin' into our boquets.
My Uncle Gary, us and my dad, a candid pic.
Kyle's mom and dad and us!
Eternal happiness!
Our new family will be together for forever!
Balboa park

Kyle helping carry my dress.

Then we went to Kyle's parents house to finish up our music playlist and to grab a couple things for the reception, which we were almost an hour late for! Woops!
Trying to bustle my dress.
Kyle had just stepped on my dress...again, lol

We had our ring ceremony which was awesome, we were announced to our guests as Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield! Kyle had a hard time getting on my ring because it was such a tight fit! Everyone had a laugh at that!
Ring ceremony.
Our cake, thank you Jennifer for helping decorate it!

Rachel, one of my new beautiful nieces!
Jared! Love this pic!

During our greeting line a little girl who wanted to get a closer look at my dress, because she said "it was a princess dress" accidentally spilled some of her punch on it, and the poor girl almost started to cry! I felt so bad, the punch came right off, so I tried to show her it was alright, but the look on her face, was so sad.
Kyle's parents having a good time in the greeting line!

Jennifer, Colin, and Chris (Elder Stewart, one of the awesome missionaries that taught me the summer before)
Another punch story...Jennifer informed me of the back story a bit later, but...
I was getting some punch, and Jared came over to get himself some punch, or so I thought... I was like "oh! Jared I'll get that for you!" But I guess his Grandpa had asked him to get some for him, and Jennifer said to everyone at the table, "just watch I bet he'll use his charm to get someone to get it for him!" I guess everyone at the table had a good laugh when they saw it was me getting him the punch.

Kyle and I with my friend Jorge! Thank you for driving down!!
My family.
My family again.

Our first dance! <3
Father-daughter dance
Mother-son dance.
I love this picture =)
Cutting the cake!
And the kiss!
More dancing!
David and Sonja, they were married a little over a month after us on October 10th!
Andrew and Rachel!

Everyone dancing!
Jared and Rachel doing the Cha Cha Slide!
Ellie dancing! She's adorable!
How low can we go?
Dancing with my new nieces!
Talking with Kyle's good friends Teekay and Kirk
Bouquet toss! Get ready!
Haha, looks like nobody wants to get married!
Getting the garter!
The toss...
and the catch!
The winners are...Rachel and Kirk!
Kyle with oldest brother Colin!
Kyle's parents dancing!
My family!

Our sign in table!
My antique bouquet holder that has been used for years in my family <3
Our rings <3

I want say before I end this a BIG thank you to Kirstie for all of her help, I'm pretty certain our reception would not have been as beautiful or put together without all of her help, she is truely one of the most AMAZING people that I know! So thank you so so so much Kirsite!!! I love you so much! And am so happy that I can now call you my sister!
As well as a big big thank you to Kyle's parents for all of their love and support! We would not have been able to do it without you guys!! Love you!!!
Also I would like to thank my Uncle Gary for coming down to from Utah, it meant so much to have him there! =)
To sum up...the day was amazing to the say the least, easily the best day of my life! I feel so blessed to have met and married Kyle, he is the most wonderful and caring husband! This week we celebrated our 6 month anniversary, one small anniversary amongst the many that will follow!