Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Best Day of Our Lives

On August 29th Kyle and I were married in the San Diego Temple.

It was an amazing day!! But it did have a few woops! Starting in the morning, I turned off my alarm instead of pressing snooze for another five minutes and ended up sleeping an hour past when I was supposed to wake up! which had a chain reaction throughout the rest of the day! My hair actually cooperated so it didn't take as long as we were thinking to get it done, we managed to make it down to the temple only a half an hour late...Once inside I got my dress on and was all ready to go. Until my bladder decided that it had to go to bathroom while I was waiting for Kyle, so that put us back another 10-20 minutes, it's extremely hard to go to the bathroom with a giant wedding dress on lol! After that minor setback, Kyle and I were sealed for time and eternity by President Fortie, the most amazing blessing I have ever had.

This is one of our first pictures as Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield as we are coming out of the temple!

After we were sealed we left the temple, to see our awaiting family and friends. When my dad saw me, he started tearing up, and told me it wasn't fair he was crying but I wasn't, lol. After many hugs, we went to take pictures, lots and lots of pictures!
I made my daddy cry when he saw me, I love him so much!
Trying to get Kyle's boutineer on, the keyword there is trying lol.
My best friend Jessica, she flew all the way down from Idaho to be there, she is so awesome!! Thank you so much for being there!
Family and friends.
Wedding party.
Kyle and Ben.
Jess and I singin' into our boquets.
My Uncle Gary, us and my dad, a candid pic.
Kyle's mom and dad and us!
Eternal happiness!
Our new family will be together for forever!
Balboa park

Kyle helping carry my dress.

Then we went to Kyle's parents house to finish up our music playlist and to grab a couple things for the reception, which we were almost an hour late for! Woops!
Trying to bustle my dress.
Kyle had just stepped on my dress...again, lol

We had our ring ceremony which was awesome, we were announced to our guests as Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield! Kyle had a hard time getting on my ring because it was such a tight fit! Everyone had a laugh at that!
Ring ceremony.
Our cake, thank you Jennifer for helping decorate it!

Rachel, one of my new beautiful nieces!
Jared! Love this pic!

During our greeting line a little girl who wanted to get a closer look at my dress, because she said "it was a princess dress" accidentally spilled some of her punch on it, and the poor girl almost started to cry! I felt so bad, the punch came right off, so I tried to show her it was alright, but the look on her face, was so sad.
Kyle's parents having a good time in the greeting line!

Jennifer, Colin, and Chris (Elder Stewart, one of the awesome missionaries that taught me the summer before)
Another punch story...Jennifer informed me of the back story a bit later, but...
I was getting some punch, and Jared came over to get himself some punch, or so I thought... I was like "oh! Jared I'll get that for you!" But I guess his Grandpa had asked him to get some for him, and Jennifer said to everyone at the table, "just watch I bet he'll use his charm to get someone to get it for him!" I guess everyone at the table had a good laugh when they saw it was me getting him the punch.

Kyle and I with my friend Jorge! Thank you for driving down!!
My family.
My family again.

Our first dance! <3
Father-daughter dance
Mother-son dance.
I love this picture =)
Cutting the cake!
And the kiss!
More dancing!
David and Sonja, they were married a little over a month after us on October 10th!
Andrew and Rachel!

Everyone dancing!
Jared and Rachel doing the Cha Cha Slide!
Ellie dancing! She's adorable!
How low can we go?
Dancing with my new nieces!
Talking with Kyle's good friends Teekay and Kirk
Bouquet toss! Get ready!
Haha, looks like nobody wants to get married!
Getting the garter!
The toss...
and the catch!
The winners are...Rachel and Kirk!
Kyle with oldest brother Colin!
Kyle's parents dancing!
My family!

Our sign in table!
My antique bouquet holder that has been used for years in my family <3
Our rings <3

I want say before I end this a BIG thank you to Kirstie for all of her help, I'm pretty certain our reception would not have been as beautiful or put together without all of her help, she is truely one of the most AMAZING people that I know! So thank you so so so much Kirsite!!! I love you so much! And am so happy that I can now call you my sister!
As well as a big big thank you to Kyle's parents for all of their love and support! We would not have been able to do it without you guys!! Love you!!!
Also I would like to thank my Uncle Gary for coming down to from Utah, it meant so much to have him there! =)
To sum up...the day was amazing to the say the least, easily the best day of my life! I feel so blessed to have met and married Kyle, he is the most wonderful and caring husband! This week we celebrated our 6 month anniversary, one small anniversary amongst the many that will follow!


  1. I loved the post. It was fun reading the day through your eyes. I'm glad it was such a wonderful day for you & Kyle. I loved looking at all the pictures. You were a beautiful bride!

  2. Such a wonderful day and so many good memories! I love the pictures and the post!