Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beef Stew!

I made beef stew on Tuesday night, I was doing really well and almost done with it, I added the last veggies and let it cook for the last 10 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself for making it, I managed to cut the carrots, meat, and potatoes without cutting myself! So I went and sat down on the couch with Kyle while waiting for it to finish...That was my mistake, about 5 minutes later, Kyle said "what's that smell?" we stood up and looked in the kitchen, the pot was smoking! And my initial reaction was "oh no! I burnt the stew!" I was so upset because I had done everything right up until the end, I forgot to turn down the temperature to low. So I decided to see if everything was burnt or if it was just the bottom...and to my delight it was just the bottom, only a little bit was unsalvageable!
It tasted delicious, well to Kyle, I made it a bit too spicy for my taste, but that was because the first time we made it, it was waaay bland, so I think next time, hopefully it'll be just right, without burning the bottom!

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