Monday, January 24, 2011


Soo I'm really sorry about not updating for so long! It's just really difficult to type with only one hand :-S My right hand is still shaking pretty badly, and well my left hand gets pretty tired pretty quickly =(
Anywho, so what's happened since June? Well kind of a lot...
So first thing was our apartment complex said that we could now have dogs! So of course Kyle and I jumped right on that one, and began our search. Not much longer after that announcement, we found the perfect puppy...Sequoyah!

This was a picture I took of her the first time we met!
We were able to bring her home after my dads retirement ceremony =] Here are some pictures of her taken throughout the past 6 months or so:

A day at the park!
Looking for her treats hehe

What's that over there??
The only picture I was able to get of the both of us...
She kept moving hehe
One of her favorite places to sleep =]
Bonfire with Sequoyah!
Fast forward a few months...the first snow!

We love her so very much! She is like our little baby lol. She LOVES to cuddle! And follows us everywhere. She is sooo adorably soft and fluffy especially during the winter. She answers to Quoyah. David my brother in law keeps trying to get her to answer to Saki, lol not sure why, but she does every now and then. She loves her treats and dog bones..It was really funny my mother in law gave us bag of bones that her dogs didn't like, so I gave her one set the bag on the ground and hopped in the shower when I got out she had pulled ALL of the bones and had them scattered everywhere... I guess one wasn't enough lol. We also found out that she prefers straight bones not the ones with knobs on the ends is that odd? She know a few tricks as well...she sits and knows "gentle" when getting her treats she knows "down" for laying down...she sometimes knows "off" and "stay"
We know she's not perfect but she's still our little baby =]