Friday, January 17, 2014

So this year I am going to try my hardest to post at least once a month...
This month I finally started Accutane for my horrible cysts that have been popping up everywhere on my face and ears, I really, really hope it helps. Now while I am on this medicine it is imperative that I do not get pregnant, because of horrible birth defects that can occur. So in order to be on this I have to take a pregnancy test once a month, and pick up the Accutane from the pharmacist one week after the test, also I have to take a quiz that asks me questions like what can happen if you get pregnant? etc. And just in case that wasn't enough warning the pill packets come with this picture... I laughed when I first opened the box.
Yes that is a picture of pregnant lady with a cross out through her...I think I get the point.
Anywhos a lovely side effect that comes with this medicine are bloody noses, I had at least 6 yesterday and one already this morning at about 7, luckily though they usually only last a minute or two, a small price to pay though, if this medicine clears up my cysts/acne for possibly forever! (Fingers crossed!)

So on with the BIG news! The other day the Wilson's Disease Association announced that there was a new drug in the making! Here is the link for more info: New Wilson's Disease Drug!  My favorite thing about it (I know it's not out yet, but it only needs to be taken once a day!) as opposed to three times a day. So needless to say I am super excited!!! I really hope the trials go well and they fast-track the approval, so it can be out in the next few years. AHHH! SO exciting!!! Oh and did I mention this medicine is geared towards people with neurological systems (i.e. people like me!) Which they do not yet have one on the market yet...I am so EXCITED!!! Yes I know I have said that a lot, but seriously it is exciting news!!

That is all the news I have for now =] Two posts will be coming soon about my birthday(cake) and Charleston trip! (Hopefully)

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's been awhile...

So I am really sorry I have not posted in ages it seems, so I am going to recap what has happened this year in pictures and some words...there is A LOT so bare with me!
I thought this was cool...I was scraping off my car and 
a chunk fell off that I thought looked like a heart! 

I added little felt triangles to a sweater for Gratton's 
birthday present, so he could be a dinosaur!

Our lovely Valentine's Day dinner =]
Kyle's awesome Hobbit hole birthday cake!
Unfortunately this is the only picture
I could find of his birthday party, the rest of 
the pictures must be on our camera.

Tyson, Chelsea, and Rhodri came to stay with us for a 
couple of days in March. The girl's adored him! 

Our St. Patrick's Day cake!

This was taken three days after the "start"
of spring..umm what?!

We watched Gratton one day and he became
good friends with the girl's too!
They just love little kids!

I love this picture I got of Gratton!

We said goodbye to a good friend...
Yep the Honda gave out on 
us on our way to Cali
on spring break.

We hiked "R" Mountain,
with our friends 
John and Laura  Meldrum
Brandon and Alyssa Peine!! 

I found bird eggs in the grill in the backyard.
Sadly none of them survived...

The girl's enjoying some time in the shade.

We went to the Idaho Falls Zoo for the first time!!
Also I died my hair shortly before this, it was
supposed to be a dark brown with hint of 
red, instead it came out red even
purple in some lighting!

I made this for our door with Sonja,
although it never made it to the door and
instead is on a shelf in our living room.

David and Sonja brought another little bundle of joy 
into the world! Introducing our adorable niece:

The girl's like to keep watch out the front window.

We made new friend's with Drey and Heather Platt,
they also have a husky named Luna!

We finally threw Sequoyah a birthday party! I have been 
wanting to do this ever since we have had her,
 but something always comes up, not this year! 
She turned 4! I can't believe it!

 The girl's enjoying their "pup cakes" =]

We also got them a pool so they could keep cool
during this hot summer, Aurora loved it!

Kyle started a business where he restores WWII ammo pouches.
Most of his sales are on Etsy, but he was able to get a 
local business to carry them!

We ran our first 5k!!

Our friend's who ran it with us! Plus a random 
photo bomber!

Our Harry Potter Party!

The writing on the mirror...

One day I was riding my bike to the post office 
when I saw two baby raccoon's! I had no idea at the time
how mean they can be, so I asked the people that
had them if I could hold one, they said I could! Luckily I
did not get scratched or bitten =]

We had a really good view of the Madison County Fair 
fireworks from our house!

We went to a Steampunk Convention where Kyle and I
sold his ammo pouches along with some goggles!

The Gin Rebellion
(Kyle became really good friends with the band by the end of the weekend!)

Kahlan's baby blessing family picture!

A trip to Cave Falls we took with Bill and Kirstie's family!

I absolutely love this picture of Kyle!

Also a BIG BIG thing that happened that I don't have any pictures to show for it, was we moved in the beginning of March, just a few blocks away from the town house we were renting, because the town house went into foreclosure. It took some getting used to because it's about 150 sq. ft. smaller than the town house, which doesn't sound like much, but it sure felt like it. But some added bonuses of this place is the kitchen is huge! Plus the garage is attached and big! And the BEST thing about this place is it has a GIANT yard for the girl's to play in! They absolutely love it here, which makes us happy, and helped with losing the square footage =]

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Bowl Party 2013!

 For the first time since 1994 the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl!!! So of course we threw a Super Bowl Party!!! It was a blast even though they ended up losing, the second half was a nail biting, edge of your seat kind of game! I almost cried when they lost, there were some bad calls by the ref's but what are you going to do?  It was a fun game to watch though because they played the Baltimore Ravens and their head coach was  Jim Harbaugh's (head coach of the 49ers) older brother Jack Harbaugh!
Here are some pictures from the party!
The spread

A close up of our "snackadium" it had rice crispies on the outside, tortilla chips in the end zones, the goal posts were made out of slim jims, the "field" was made up of salsa, chili, and ranch, and the yard lines were made out string cheese.  It turned out way better than I expected! (Also the idea was taken from Pinterest)

The balloons I got from a party store called Zurchers, I saw them in Sam's Club and knew I had to have them! So I asked an employee where they got them!

All in all, I'd say the party was a success, Bill, Jordan and Alli, Israel and Madison and Kyle's friend Rylen and his girlfriend all came and it was super fun!

School stuff

So as a result of me getting so sick in November-December I failed one of my online classes I was taking.  Which caused me to be academically dismissed, because I've been on warning, probation, and suspension before ("Yay" for being chronically ill! NOT).  I petitioned it though and as a result of that petition I got readmitted to school, but suspended this semester (winter) and I can only take 9 credits in the spring.  However, getting suspended was actually kind of a blessing, kind of.  Because one of the things the school had me do was go talk to my academic advisor, which I had never talked to before, I've only ever talked to my faculty advisor.  She made it so I had another custom cluster, so that got rid of two classes I needed to take, as well I found out I had taken two too many religion courses, when I thought I had two left, so that was a relief that she got rid of four classes I thought I had to take. So instead of graduating in July like I thought I would, I am now pretty sure I can graduate in December! I have to go talk with her again, just make doubly sure.  But it's only a semester late so I didn't screw up our future as bad as I originally thought.

Medical stuff

In November 2012 I got a check up liver biopsy, it showed that I have slight cirrhosis, which I have had before, and it healed itself before, so I am hoping it will do so again, as long as I keep up with medicine!

Also in November I started having stomach issues again (I'm going to get a little gross here). I started having bloody diarrhea multiple times a day, sometimes I would just poo straight up blood. It was not fun having to constantly run to the bathroom through out the day.  Also losing as much blood as I did on a daily basis, made me really tired so I ended up sleeping A LOT and when I wasn't sleeping I was super lethargic. It took everything I had to go to my internship, even though it was only a couple times a week for a couple hours a day, it was still very hard for me to go.  In December I got a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy to try to figure out what was going on, which they were actually able to find something! A few somethings actually. They found that I had H. Pylori, slight Gastritis and Ulcerative Proctitis. The H. Pylori is a bacteria and they tested me for it again in February by doing a breath test thing where I had to drink some like sour lemonade tasting stuff, and breath into a bag, it came back negative! So that was some really good news.  I haven't had stomach issues for the most part since December, every now and then my stomach will hurt pretty bad but not very often so I'm not too worried about it.

New Posts!

Okay so it's been a loooooooooong while since I've posted on here so here goes a bunch of posts! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One year

It has been one year today (or a year and a day by the time I post this) since, the world lost a great person. I cannot believe that it has been a year since Spence gained his wings and was able to breathe easy once again. I feel lucky to have known him, he taught me to be positive even when I thought my world was crumbling around me, he was always so happy and cheerful and could cheer the saddest person up.  He always knew how to make me smile and laugh.
He introduced me to They Might Be Giants, which is the silliest of bands and will put a smile on your face if you are feeling down.
He also introduced me to the Ender's Game series, which he told me to read and said I would love it for sure, I was very skeptical at first as this was the cover:

Which at the time space stuff really wasn't my thing, still really isn't, I remember laughing out loud in the library, and thinking to myself "really Spence? you think I would like this??" and I put it back on the shelf for a moment, then decided well if he recommended it really can't be that bad, and gave it a chance.  Turns out, I loved it, and it turned into one of my favorite books...and now it's going to be a movie!

So here's to you Spence, I love you and miss you buddy, until we meet again.
P.S. Where do they make balloons?? ;-)