Sunday, March 24, 2013

School stuff

So as a result of me getting so sick in November-December I failed one of my online classes I was taking.  Which caused me to be academically dismissed, because I've been on warning, probation, and suspension before ("Yay" for being chronically ill! NOT).  I petitioned it though and as a result of that petition I got readmitted to school, but suspended this semester (winter) and I can only take 9 credits in the spring.  However, getting suspended was actually kind of a blessing, kind of.  Because one of the things the school had me do was go talk to my academic advisor, which I had never talked to before, I've only ever talked to my faculty advisor.  She made it so I had another custom cluster, so that got rid of two classes I needed to take, as well I found out I had taken two too many religion courses, when I thought I had two left, so that was a relief that she got rid of four classes I thought I had to take. So instead of graduating in July like I thought I would, I am now pretty sure I can graduate in December! I have to go talk with her again, just make doubly sure.  But it's only a semester late so I didn't screw up our future as bad as I originally thought.

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  1. I hope it all works out for you and hopefully they've found what was making you so sick this time around and you can be healthy enough to finish school. We are praying for you!