Sunday, April 1, 2012


So I just wanted to post a few milestones that have happened over the past few weeks/month:
  1. I can eat with my right hand again! It happened when Kyle and I were out to dinner, and I just picked up my fork with my right hand and started eating, it took me a minute to figure out what I had done, but once I had I freaked out and was like "Kyle!!! LOOK!!"
  2. Last week I was at the library and I decided to test to see if I could use all of my fingers to type (instead finger pecking) and I could!!! I still can't do it on my laptop, but baby steps, I WILL get there!!
  3. I can put my dangly earings in all by myself!!! (Kyle still has to help with putting on the backs, but again baby steps)
These are all things that most people take for granted, heck I used to...but getting my motor functions back even if it's only a little bit at a time sure makes me appreciate everything a little more =]


I think it's cool how all dogs have their own personalities, I have never really noticed this much before we got Aurora. Aurora is now a little older than Sequoyah was when we got her...and boy are they different! When we got Quoyah she was and still is a super mellow dog, I just thought it was because she was just over a year old and we must have missed her "puppy" stage. Little miss Aurora on the other the hand is a total and complete spazz, even though she is now 15 months old, she has not mellowed out one bit, like I thought she would. But I am glad, it's fun having two different personalities in our dogs, other wise if they were both mellow I think it might get boring, but if they were both spazz's I could see that getting annoying... They balance each other out perfectly, and I could not ask for a better pair!


So little miss Aurora has a new favorite pass time, and it's digging! There are currently 6 holes in our backyard this one being the biggest. The other day as Kyle and I were leaving we noticed another fairly large hole, and a giant rock sitting next to it. A couple days later we noticed she had moved the rock into the hole, and then the next day we noticed she had started covering up the hole withe rock inside, lol, silly girl! Oh well, we keep filling them and she keeps digging them, it's a never ending cycle! We are planning on planting some sod soon to see if that helps, we'll see, finger's crossed!

St. Patrick's Day

Kyle ended up having a mock congress simulation on St. Patrick's Day, so we couldn't do a party like Kyle wanted. But I still wanted to make it a special day for him so I got up early and surprised him with green eggs and bacon!

Kyle's 24th Birthday Extravaganza!

So this year I wanted Kyle's birthday to be special since we don't know where Bill and Kirstie will be for his 25th b-day. Kyle requested it be a "Dr. Who" themed party. Unfortunately Dr. Who isn't too big in the U.S. like it is in the U.K. so finding decorations was near impossible unless I wanted to pay $30+ just in shipping to get things shipped from the U.K., so that was a no go. So I got blue streamers and blue and white star balloons, and printed off some poster pictures of Doctor Who themed scenes...It worked out quite well =]
Kirstie made an amazing Tardis cake!! Which helped tie everything together. It was so cool Kyle didn't even want to eat it!
We had homemade fish and chips, and of course a Doctor Who themed party wouldn't be complete without trying the famed fish fingers and custard! I tried it first and it surprisingly wasn't too terrible, I wouldn't go as far to say it was good combo though, haha. After some persuading Kyle tried it too, and we actually have video of that!
All and all the party was a success we managed to get David's family hooked on Doctor Who as well as Bill and the kids muahahaha!
After throwing the superbowl party and Kyle's birthday party, we have discovered we LOVE throwing parties, even with all the stress and prep. Although I told Kyle not to expect much for his 25th b-day next year, because I think this years will be pretty hard to out do =]

Some pictures...
Some of the decorations

The awesome cake my amazing sister-in-law Kirstie made =]

Putting the candles in

hehe I promise you the cake wasn't on fire, but man that's alot of candles to light! ;-)

Kyle blew them all out in one go

Victory dance