Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kyle's 24th Birthday Extravaganza!

So this year I wanted Kyle's birthday to be special since we don't know where Bill and Kirstie will be for his 25th b-day. Kyle requested it be a "Dr. Who" themed party. Unfortunately Dr. Who isn't too big in the U.S. like it is in the U.K. so finding decorations was near impossible unless I wanted to pay $30+ just in shipping to get things shipped from the U.K., so that was a no go. So I got blue streamers and blue and white star balloons, and printed off some poster pictures of Doctor Who themed scenes...It worked out quite well =]
Kirstie made an amazing Tardis cake!! Which helped tie everything together. It was so cool Kyle didn't even want to eat it!
We had homemade fish and chips, and of course a Doctor Who themed party wouldn't be complete without trying the famed fish fingers and custard! I tried it first and it surprisingly wasn't too terrible, I wouldn't go as far to say it was good combo though, haha. After some persuading Kyle tried it too, and we actually have video of that!
All and all the party was a success we managed to get David's family hooked on Doctor Who as well as Bill and the kids muahahaha!
After throwing the superbowl party and Kyle's birthday party, we have discovered we LOVE throwing parties, even with all the stress and prep. Although I told Kyle not to expect much for his 25th b-day next year, because I think this years will be pretty hard to out do =]

Some pictures...
Some of the decorations

The awesome cake my amazing sister-in-law Kirstie made =]

Putting the candles in

hehe I promise you the cake wasn't on fire, but man that's alot of candles to light! ;-)

Kyle blew them all out in one go

Victory dance

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  1. That looks like an awesome party! Can't believe my baby boy is 24. :(