Sunday, April 1, 2012


I think it's cool how all dogs have their own personalities, I have never really noticed this much before we got Aurora. Aurora is now a little older than Sequoyah was when we got her...and boy are they different! When we got Quoyah she was and still is a super mellow dog, I just thought it was because she was just over a year old and we must have missed her "puppy" stage. Little miss Aurora on the other the hand is a total and complete spazz, even though she is now 15 months old, she has not mellowed out one bit, like I thought she would. But I am glad, it's fun having two different personalities in our dogs, other wise if they were both mellow I think it might get boring, but if they were both spazz's I could see that getting annoying... They balance each other out perfectly, and I could not ask for a better pair!

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  1. They are such beautiful dogs and I know they keep you busy.