Friday, August 17, 2012

The butter thief

So Kyle was leaving butter on the counter so it would stay soft, but it kept disappearing, it happened twice before he asked me if I had thrown it away, or put it somewhere he just wasn't seeing.  I told him nope. I hadn't touched it.  Soon after this, we discovered that it was Sequoyah stealing the butter! Whole sticks of it! No matter how far back on the counter we stick it, she gets it!  So Kyle just started sticking it back in the fridge after using it.  Well he accidently didn't put it away immediately after using it for scrambled eggs, we were eating them at the table heard Quoyah get on the counter (just her front paws) we jumped up and ran to the kitchen, but it was too late, it was gone.  Also you would think that the wrapper would slow her down, but nope! She eats that too!

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