Friday, August 17, 2012

My oh my! Look how far I've come!!!

So as some of you know, we finally heard back from my doctor's nurse on Wednesday, after waiting 2 weeks for my test results...I was napping when she called Kyle's phone, after he was off, he came in and woke me up, with a somber look on his face, saying Kathy had called.  My heart dropped with the look on his face, I have been so so good about taking my medicine, the only conclusion I could come to in those few seconds was that it wasn't working again... but then he smiled and said my labs came back perfect! They were normal!!! Like a person that doesn't have Wilson's Disease normal! So mean.  I immediately jumped out of bed and gave him a huge hug! I am so happy!! Words cannot explain, in fact my labs were SO good, I don't even have to go in for a check-up, which has happened never!
I have come so far from a year ago, even just a few months ago! I am so happy!!!

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  1. Wonderful new! Congrats! Keep up whatever you are doing because it's working! :-)