Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wolf and Grizzly Rescue

 Kyle and I had the opportunity to go the Wolf and Grizzly Rescue center in West Yellowstone in April, and can I say what an amazing thing it was, we only made it in for an hour before it closed. At first I was a little upset because all the wolves were asleep, and I was like man, we just paid all this money and for what to watch them sleep? but then started to get up and move around, and that was cool, they are such graceful creatures.  Then the little grizzly cubs were out to play and boy were they adorable!  While we were watching the grizzlies play, the wolves started to howl...It was eerie, beautiful, haunting and magnificent all at once, we were even able to get video of it!  Here's a link to it It's a little jumbly in the beginning and doesn't even come close to hearing it in person, but still really cool.  We asked the ranger if that was something they did everyday at about that time and he said no, that we were really lucky the wolves just howl whenever, it's a sporadic thing and they don't even howl everyday.  So that was like wow, we were really glad we went even if it was only for an hour.  Here's some pictures:

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  1. Really cool! They are such beautiful creatures.