Thursday, April 21, 2011

new medicine!

So yesterday was my first day of new meds. The doctor put me on a drug called trientine (syprine) I've been on it once before, when my zinc stopped working in highschool...a very scary time for me. As well as zinc accetate (galzin), again.
Two meds at the same time, not hard right? Wrong, oh so very very wrong. These two medicines are probably one of the most complicated to take together.
Rule 1: the trientine has to be taken at least an hour before I eat or two hours after I eat...nothing to drink besides water during that time.
Rule 2: the zinc has to be taken the exact same way.
Rule 3: they cannot be taken at the same time.
So here is my tentative schedule:
wake up take trientine
wait an hour
wait two hours
take zinc
wait an hour
take trientine
wait an hour
and repeat until I have all 3 doses taken, so no more snacking for me =[ oh well as long as it makes me better =]
the trientine doesn't make feel sick at all woo! the zinc still does though sometimes boo
oh well such is life =]
Oh aaaand the best part of all this medicine torture is...drumroll....I should be starting to see results in 3 weeks!!! Yep that's right 3 WEEKS!! WoOt!!!
Anywhos, that's all for now. =]

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  1. Verry strict eating schedule. That stinks - but it'll be worth it to see results!! I'm so excited for you!