Saturday, March 19, 2011

pet peve

So I'm really tired of people saying psychology is an easy major. And guess what? saying "no offense" doesn't stop it from being any less offensive. Because guess what? Saying it's easy when I'm failing my social psych class makes me feel like I'm some kind of idiot. And ESPECIALLY when they say well for most people it's easy, like that's supposed to make me feel better? yea..right.

I'm sorry for this rant but I'm just getting REALLY really tired of people saying my major is easy...because it's not.


  1. Alysa, every degree you pick is going to have certain things said about it. Psych and communications, university studies, home and family living, and a lot of other degrees are just considered easier than other degrees. It is still a college degree though, so of course it isn't easy. Going to college at all is just hard. Just like how some degrees get Smart Grants from the government because they're harder and in more demand because people don't normally do them because of the difficulty level. It doesn't mean psychology isn't needed. Everyone knows the world could use some more therapists!

  2. You know what Sweetie? I have always thought, and will continue to think that you're brilliant and...wait for it...FABULOUS! lol
    I think those who haven't studied as you have, have absolutely no room to criticize.
    Just because certain studies are popular does not make them easier. How many people take psych 101 and decide that it isn't their path because it's so involved?
    Psychology is the study of why people do what they do, but being a psychologist is being able to help others change their unhealthy behaviors/outlooks. Obviously some minds are going to be harder to change then others (as so graciously exampled in the previously posted comment :P).
    Don't worry though, I have every confidence in the world in you. You helped me with my math homework, remember? ;)