Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A wallaby, camel, and ghouls oh my!

Kyle and I went to the straw maze out in Archer yesterday. The first time through we did it in about 20 minutes, then we went through again, except we ran and made it through in just under 6 minutes.  We went during the day instead of doing it "haunted".  There were some places that you had to almost crawl through and places with ropes hanging down, it was creepy just going through it during the day I can't imagine it when it's haunted at night!
After we went through the first time

It was a beautiful clear night

There was a baby Wallaby there as well
his name was Rudy, he was super soft! 

The camel wanted to go through the maze too!

 I was a little hesitant to get close to the camel every time it 
moved I jumped back about 5 feet. It was huge! 

After all of the fun at the maze we headed over to the Haunted Mill they actually changed some of it around, so it wasn't predictable at all.  I screamed pretty good a couple times, Kyle gave one of the ghouls' a high five and I followed suit and gave one of them a hug towards the end of it.  He kept holding out his arms like he wanted a hug, so I figured why not? I think it caught him off guard a little haha.


  1. The haunted mill is one of my favorites! You didn't have Rachel this year to hang on to. (At least that is what she claims. haha) I can't believe you hugged the ghoul...

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I enjoyed the straw maze so much last year.