Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mischief Managed

I was sitting on the couch downstairs finishing up a quiz for my Child Development quiz, when all the sudden the girls' come running down the stairs, past the couch, and I hear the baby gate open and shut with a clang, I turn around to see Sequoyah sitting on the side of the gate that I'm on and hear Aurora jump up and grab something off the counter, I jumped up to go see what she had gotten, she panicked and tried to swallow whatever it was whole, started choking on it, I tried to pry it out of her mouth causing her to try to swallow it faster, thus choking more, so then I stopped trying to get it, she finally managed to swallow it, upon further investigation of the kitchen, I found out it was a whole slice of pizza she managed to swallow without chewing!
So back to the beginning of the story I'm pretty sure Quoyah and Aurora went upstairs to "discuss" how/who was going to try and get a piece of yumminess on the counter, and they succeeded, thusly saying "mischief managed."
(I do not envy the tummy ache Aurora will probably have later)

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