Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After 26 years of serving our country my dad is retiring!!!

My dad is retiring from Marine Corps after serving for 26 years on June 18th!!! When he went in he had no idea that he would become lifer, he was only intending on being in for four years!

This was him when he first joined all those years ago!

and this is him now! Look at all those medals!!

I really couldn't be more proud, he served in the first Gulf War, and the current war, which I do have to say was the most nerve wracking year I have ever been through, I stopped watching the news for that year! I looked forward to receiving his emails, we probably sent at least 50 over that year, which I saved every single one and turned it into a book for him. When he came home I flew down and surprised him by being there for his homecoming I stood behind a sign we made for him with a little hole cut out so I could see when he got off the bus and when everyone in my family was done hugging him, I threw down the sign, and ran up to him giving him the biggest hug ever, the look on his face priceless! He was so very surprised!!
Here are some pictures from the day =)
Some sillyness!
Hug attack!!
I love you Dad!!!

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